Characterization of Web sites         Graphical Design for Web, cutting and coding web pages in XHTML 1.1 STRICT format         Web site programming - client side and server side         Design and Creation of DATABASES for rich dynamic content driven web sites         Back offices, content managment systems, Web Files interface etc         Domains, Hosting, SQL Servers and Payment transaction systems integration         Web site registration to major search engines         Web promotions and SEO including AdWords advertising
Yoram Varon Internet Technolgoes is an internet based software provider.
We provide the following solutions:
  • Web site characterization and modulation.
  • Commercial graphic designs.
  • Web programming, Database design and integration.
  • Development of Back Offices and web based applications.
  • General administration including domains names, hosting servers etc.
  • SEO and web promotions.
In abundance, I handle all the required work by myself, one project after another,
I usually try exercising my best at all fields and aspire the depths of ART.
Yoram Varon.
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